Description of Ranges

Range #1 Pistol (35 yard max)

Range #2 Pistol (50 meter max)

Range #3 Rifle (100 yard max)

Range #4 (under construction)

Range #5 Trap (16 yard to 27 yard)

Range #6 Rifle (50, 100, 200 & 300 yard) also known as the main range where all shooters MUST sign in before using ANY RANGE. 


The ranges listed on the calendar below are available for open shooting but may not be open due to the number of available RSO’s on a given day. RSO’s are volunteers that open the ranges on a specific day and the number of open ranges is controlled by the number of volunteers that are available on that day. 

South Bay Rod & Gun Club, 1020 Marron Valley Rd., Dulzura, CA 91917
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